THROWBACK: When I wanted to be a private detective

I started watching film noirs for the private detectives hunting for clues; classic Sherlock Holmes awareness and observation. The I saw Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity. 

Film had become a huge part of my life which I was at Parsons, and bad-ass women with a villainous touch have always been my favorite archetypal character. I was Beatrix Kiddo for Halloween one year, yellow track suit, prop sword, and blood splatter (all photos from that night have disappeared, lost in computer repairs or deleted social media accounts). 

So, killing two birds with ones stone, I educated myself on classic film noir Femme Fatales while documenting the development of such a powerful character. What a progressive portrayal of women! Keep an eye out for the initial timeline I created (will post soon), starting with Lillith and continuing for a long I can handle it. 

The goal is to convert this printed timeline into an interactive source of information for curious minds (naive and mature) who want to know more about the Evolution of The Femme Fatale.